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Our entry for the Deicham Game Jam - theme: Absence.

Everybody is ready for game of football but the all the other players, the referee and the ball had Norwegian-tickets and are absent!

That is not to stop our hero as he is just 10 goals away to be the top scorer of all time!

The audience is upset and throws stuff onto the field - try avoid getting hit and kick everything and anything into the goal to win fame and glory!

Instructions: Java RE 8 required.

java -jar wherestheball-FINAL.jar

Java must be on the path.

Or right click and open with / Java SE Runtime

Programming: Dag Koding

Art: Terje Ballestad, Chakkrit Hansen

Sound: Halvor Kittelsen, Terje Ballestad, Dag Koding

PS: No (real) cats were harmed during the production of this game!


wherestheball-FINAL.jar 45 MB

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